ENCORE workshop

The digital era has transformed the role of educators into designers of education and experiences. With pedagogical content now more accessible and distributable, there is a pressing need to create courses tailored to students’ evolving skill requirements. Project ENCORE (ENriching Circular use of OeR for Education) is designed to support educators in this transition by enhancing the teaching and recognition of skills influenced by major global trends such as digitalization, climate change, and post-COVID economic recovery.

Workshop Agenda:

  • Introduction to ENCORE: Understanding the project’s goals and the landscape of modern education needs.
  • NLP and OER utilization: Explore how NLP is used to extract and organize knowledge from OER, creating a conceptual map for GDE skills.
  • Pedagogical material and guidelines: Engage in the development and validation of OER production and selection.

Participants will gain firsthand experience in the innovative use of technology and resources to design educational experiences that are dynamic and responsive to the needs of modern learners. Educators will be equipped with the skills and tools to implement the ENCORE approach in their teaching practices, contributing to a more adaptable and sustainable educational environment.

Who Should Attend? This workshop is ideal for educators, curriculum developers, education policymakers, and technology specialists interested in the forefront of educational design and technology.

Join us in shaping the future of education by integrating cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to better prepare our students for the challenges of tomorrow.