Track 12. Advances on Sustainable Development in Higher Education


Driving Higher Education towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is the only wise direction to empower and build required capacities of present and future professionals.

“Humanity has an absolutely vital dependence of a set of natural and artificial resources. The advancement of knowledge needed to adequately manage these resources has traditionally been achieved through specialization. In this strategy of dividing and ruling, what was gained in depth was lost in coverage. Yet, the most recent problems are intensely interdisciplinary, revealing that the previous specialization strategy is currently not wrong, but clearly insufficient. Strangely (or not), various courses in higher education continued to follow the traditional specialization strategy. As a result of this state-of-affairs, several conferences currently exist, both in the field of Education or in the field of Sustainability, but it has been particularly difficult to attract participants to deepen the theme of Teaching Sustainability.”

This TEEM’22 track will be a privileged space for debate and exchange of experiences related to the inclusion of SDGs in education programs and education on Sustainable Development practices. Therefore, we invite you all to join us in this track and share your ideas, certainties, doubts and, most of all, your expertise and practices.


  • Boosting Social Responsibility
  • Communication for SD
  • Pedagogical Advances in SD
  • Learning / Teaching Methodologies for SD
  • Evaluation and Assessment of SD Learning
  • SD Teaching / Learning Tools
  • Teaching / Learning SD outside the classroom
  • Educational experiences in SD
  • Creative thinking for SD
  • Good practices involving Sustainability
  • Real-life experiences in Higher Education
  • Laboratory and Projects design for SD
  • Designing Sustainable Projects
  • Living labs on SD

Track Scientific Committee

Carlos Felgueiras (Instituto Superior de Engenharia, Instituto Politécnico do Porto, Portugal) – Chair
Nídia S. Caetano (Instituto Superior de Engenharia, Instituto Politécnico do Porto, Portugal) – Chair
Clara Viegas (Instituto Politécnico do Porto, Portugal)
Andre Fidalgo (Instituto Politécnico do Porto, Portugal)
Ricardo Costa (Instituto Superior de Engenharia, Instituto Politécnico do Porto, Portugal)
Isabel Soares (University of Porto, Portugal)
Gisela Oliveira (Universidade Fernando Pessoa, Portugal)
María Soledad Ramírez-Montoya (Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico)
Barry Benedict (University of Texas at El Paso, USA)
Bertil Marques (Instituto Politécnico do Porto, Portugal)
Marílio Cardoso (Instituto Politécnico do Porto, Portugal)
Catalina Rus Casas (Universidad de Jaén, Spain)
Andrew Quinn (GCU, Scotland)
Markku Tukiainen (University of Eastern Finland, Finland)
Miguel Ángel Conde (Universidad de León, Spain)