Registration for the TEEM Conference 2022 is now available. The fees will be:

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Before 6 September 2022
Early Registration: 250€ (1st paper)
Early Reduced Registration (postgraduate students and chairs): 150€ (1st paper)

From 6 September to 11 October 2022
Regular Registration: 350€ (1st paper)
Early Regular Registration (postgraduate students and chairs): 200€ (1st paper)

Additional papers
Additional papers: 50€ per additional paper (maximum 2)

Conference registration fee includes:

  • Attendance to all conference activities
  • Conference Proceedings
  • Publication and diffusion of your presentations
  • Certificate of presentation only those papers that the video presentation is published in the TEEM channel

For paper presentation at the Conference and publication in the Proceedings, one registration per paper is required. Please, take care to choose the proper fee regarding the additional papers. Participation is not guaranteed until full payment of the registration fee is received.

Please follow these steps for the registration for TEEM 2022 Conference and pay attention to the requirements. 

STEP 1: Begin the registration clicking on the following link:

You can choose the languages between Spanish, English and Portuguese to complete the form.

STEP 2: You must to accept the conditions and enter your email to continue with the preregistration process.

STEP 3: Complete with your personal data

STEP 4: Choose the proper fee regarding the additional papers:

Before 6 September 2022 choose one of these:
 Early Registration (1st paper) (250 Euros)
 Early Reduced Registration (postgraduate students and chairs) (1st paper) (150 Euros)

and check the box in Type of Registration if you have second or third additional papers:

STEP 5: Complete invoice data. Important: Your invoice will be generated with this data so pay attention in this field. 

STEP 6: Your preregistration is done. You will receive an email with the data and more instructions for payment.

STEP 7: A proforma invoice is created. You can download it.

STEP 8: Payment. You can pay directly on this screen by Paypal or by card (Mastercard and VISA). If you want to pay by transfer you will find the data in your confirmation email.  Payment must be done before 6th September to maintain the Early Registration fee.

STEP 9: If you have not opted for online payment at the time of registration/enrollment, you can access your payment card through the link received by email.

Once you pay the registration/enrollment fees, we will notify you of your definitive admission to the activity through the same route (by email) and you will receive your invoice.
Summer holidays at University of Salamanca are on August, so the registrations during that period will receive the invoice or the confirmation of registration on September.